Oklahoma's Master Permanent Makeup Artists For Over 30 Years

Our clients, not models, shown throughout site.

Who Better to Permanently Apply Your Makeup Than a Professional Makeup Artist?

Our clients, not models, shown throughout site.

Marion and Rima Kay, Permanent Makeup Artists


Marion and Rima Kay are Oklahoma’s most prominent permanent makeup artists with over thirty and ten years of experience, respectively, in permanent cosmetics. Together they have done over 35,000 procedures for clients from all over the United States (yes, literally every state!) and internationally who travel to Oklahoma to see them personally, including everyone from celebrities, political figures, stay-at-home moms and post-chemotherapy patients—all with one goal in mind: to look their absolute best. As we have said before, who better to make you look your best than a true makeup artist? That is why we don’t believe in having you draw your own shape for us to trace and tattoo. To us, that’s an easy out when you find that the shape is off or unflattering. You are coming to a professional and, therefore, should expect professional makeup artistry. We prefer to take the extra time and draw for you what we think is best and let you see the “wow” factor between our art and your daily routine.
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I couldn't believe how much younger they could make me look! They are true artists... I'll never go anywhere else and they can't ever retire! Pam H., Texas

I get compliments all the time now on how beautiful my makeup is but no one believes that it's permanent til I try to wipe it off! Sara G., Oklahoma

I have so much confidence in myself after having this done. It’s so liberating to leave the house with no makeup on! Diane L., California

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Marion Kay is the most experienced permanent makeup artist in the state of Oklahoma. She began her permanent makeup career in 1983 and is able to turn anyone into a celebrity with beautifully arched and symmetrical eyebrows, more open and lifted eyeliner and naturally full, pouty lips. Marion also has a passion for skincare.


Rima Kay grew up in the beauty business with her mother, Marion. She specializes in permanent and traditional makeup and has taken countless makeup courses taught by renowned national and international celebrity makeup artists. She finds nothing more rewarding than making women feel beautiful and confident all day, every day.


Marion Kay was the first to make the connection that permanent makeup should be done by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of proper makeup application. With her nimble hands and a variety of cutting-edge products, she also helps women turn back the clock on their skin and has a huge fan base for her facials.